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“Dave wasn’t thrilled with the idea of bringing the nanny on vacation. With his wife busy with work events, Dave not only has to care for the kids – he’s got to take care of himself and the nanny, too.”

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Emily blushed again and gave a little shrug. “Let’s just say it’s been awhile. A lot does it for me these days.”

Dave nodded. “Tell me about it. My schedule at the hospital can be busy, but for my wife…? If I want sex on my birthday in three months, I’d better schedule it now.”

Emily laughed and clapped her hand over her mouth. “Sorry. It’s not funny, it really isn’t, it’s just… sometimes I feel like I’m headed in that direction with law school.”

“You’re a smart girl, I’ve no doubt you’ll go far. Then you can work the hours you want and make sure to have time for the rest.” He reached out and tucked a lock of her dark hair behind her ear. “Just don’t forget about your needs, okay?”

Emily smiled shyly. “What about you?”

“That’s what my right hand is for, I guess.”

A moan on the TV interrupted them and they looked up to see the doctor bend his nurse over the counter. Dave reached for the remote to change the channel before things got out of hand, but Emily stopped him. “Um, I don’t mean for this to sound wrong, but… well, maybe we could,” she hesitated as she thought through what she wanted to say. “Help each other out?” She stared at him with wide eyes as he turned off the TV, tossed the remote aside and leaned in to kiss her.

Emily let out a soft moan as his hand wrapped around the back of her neck to hold her in place.

“We really shouldn’t,” he said, nibbling along her lower lip. “But I can’t stop myself.”

“Just once… just tonight,” Emily panted as he kissed down along her neck and back up to her lips.

“Mm, just tonight,” he agreed as he slipped her shirt up over her head, his gaze dropping to her breasts. He reached out and cupped the heavy flesh in his hand and smiled. “Perfect.” He bent his head for a taste, flicking his tongue over a pert nipple as he helped her to stretch out on the king-sized bed.